For Lunar New Year, Panda Express wanted to invite people to celebrate the holiday and try the lucky foods that are associated with it. So we created the Good Fortune Arcade–an 8-bit video game where players collect lucky foods, dodge obstacles, encounter Lunar New Year easter eggs, and track down the holiday villian: Nian the dragon, all while scoring discounts and freebies. 

🏆 Silver Addy, Silver Addy, Bronze Addy

📰 Thrillist, Little Black Book, Mashed

Players can collect fortune cards in the game, each associated with a different lucky food, but they can also collect them in real life. During Lunar New Year, each Panda Express family meal order will come with one of four collectable fortune cards.

Additionally, a few Panda Express locations were skinned with imagery from our AR game and arcade machines were put inside where guests could play the Good Fortune Arcade.

Made at The Many
GCD: Josh Paialii
Copywriter: Bryce Pangman